Top 15 Most Annoying Actions & Behaviours When Travelling

Travelocity have released the findings of their Rudeness Poll for 2009 and some of the results might surprise you.

When boarding the plane, the following actions annoy the vast majority of fellow travellers:

  1. bring larger than allowed carry on luggage
  2. crowd the boarding line
  3. block the aisle

Once passengers have taken their seat for their flight, the most disliked passengers to be seated next to are:

  1. passengers with poor hygiene
  2. passengers who are sick, coughing or sneezing

The most inconsiderate in flight behaviours were:

  1. having your seat kicked
  2. loud talking
  3. swearing

After surviving the the your coughing, smelly neighbour – people are most annoyed by the following when disembarking:

  1. pushing to deplane out of turn
  2. careless with luggage

It is also clear that people don’t appreciate being seated next to a large or overweight people either, with the majority agreeing that they should take up two seats to maintain the comfort levels of their fellow passengers. What wasn’t clear however, was whether or not they should be charged for their second seat or not.

Once arriving at your favourite holiday destination, the most bothersome holiday makers were:

  1. arguing families
  2. boisterous families
  3. rowdy college students

Behaviour management of children was hotly contested also, with the majority of people agreeing that parents should remove their misbehaving children followed by reprimanding them. While other guests don’t approve of misbehaving children, for obvious reasons, the majority of people either ignore, avoid or do nothing about the misbehaving children either.

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