Two Charged Over Heroin Filled Shampoo

Two people were charged for attempting to bring several bottles of shampoo filled with heroin into Melbourne Airport.

Customs officers took a second look at the bottles of shampoo the 45 year old American was carrying, believed to be travelling from Nepal to Melbourne, after passing through an x-ray machine on October 13. Subsequent searches found two additional bottles in her possession, with the heroin totalling approximatey 1Kg.

Two days later a man was arrested from Sierra Leone when he allegedly tried to take possession o fthe shampoo bottles. He was later charged with attempting to possess a marketable amount of drugs and the woman with importing and possession of a marketable amount of drugs.

The pair made their first appearance in Melbourne Magistrates Court on October 16 and if convicted face up to 25 years in jail and a $550,000 fine.


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